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Black Mamba Gloves

Black Mamba Gloves & accessories product range .

In direct response to calls from customers, for tougher more resilient gloves that withstand the rigours their jobs require, Delta Medical Systems Inc has developed a new range of gloves under the Black Mamba brand. Offering vital protection for hands, the range consists of both disposable and non-disposable work gloves designed to meet the requirements of the automotive and industrial sectors.

Black Mamba has emerged as an industry leader in creating hand protection for those in need of tough, reliable gloves and is now extending its personal protective range. After enjoying significant success across the US, Black Mamba Gloves and accessories are now exclusively available in the UK through wholesale distributor Fortress Distribution and our authorised stockists. 

Black Mamba Gloves & Accessories data sheet

Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves

This is our flagship product. Made with our patented NITREX® polymer, this super strong (6.0 mils) powder free nitrile glove boasts 3 times the chemical and puncture resistance of a comparable thickness latex or vinyl glove. These gloves feature our grip rite finish for secure handling and dexterity even when working with fine objects. For further information on Black Mamba Gloves in the cycling industry please visit our cycle specific page.

Ideal Uses: Motor Mechanics | HVAC Engineers | Automotive Engineers | Plumbers | Cycle Mechanics | Chemical Engineers | Water Treatment | Agricultural Engineers | Oven Cleaners | Waste Management | Vehicle Body Shops | Maintenance | Decorators

Comply with the requirements of 89/686/EEC Council Directive based on application of the EN 374-1/03, EN 374-2/03, EN 374-3/03 and EN 420/03 standards, as Category II PPE.

Black Mamba Gloves Data Sheet | Black Mamba Accessories Data Sheet

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Black Mamba Nitrile glove on hand
Black Mamba Glove stretched

Torque Grip Nitrile Disposable Glove

The Black Mamba Torque Grip™ is a powder free nitrile disposable glove designed with a unique Torque Grip™ pattern over the entire hand area to optimise surface performance and allow outstanding grip at all times. Targeted at the automotive market the Torque Grip™ provides an effective barrier against oils, acids and other chemicals providing good chemical and mechanical properties for a disposable glove. The glove is ideal for use during servicing, oil changes, battery replacement, painting and many other routine automotive tasks.

Manufactured from a superior strength nitrile formulation but described as extremely soft and flexible providing unrivalled comfort and sensitivity. At 6.25 mil thick with 10.25 mil thick raised Torque Grip™ the gloves provide exceptional resistance to tears and punctures. The cuff is beaded further adding to its strength and preventing liquid roll back. Boxes of 100 gloves are available in sizes M, L, XL, XXL and retail bags of 10 gloves available in sizes L, XL.

Torque Grip Gloves Data Sheet 

Torque Grip Glove

Black Mamba Impact Glove

The Black Mamba Impact Glove is perfect for mechanics and the automotive industry. The glove has been carefully designed to meet customer needs by enabling full back of hand protection whilst still allowing comfort and dexterity. Offering defence against abrasion, impact and hand fatigue the glove is made from a polyester liner with thermal protective rubber padding on the fingers and back of hand. A synthetic leather palm with an elastic fit Velcro band allows for a tailored fit. 

Black Mamba Impact Glove

Mamba Mechanics Glove

The all new Mamba Mechanics Glove comes with a form-fitting DryWorx back and vented fingers helps keep hands cool and comfortable. A flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure provides a secure fit to the wrist with Industrial grade hook and loop for speedy removal. A Double-stitched reinforced index finger construction adds for increased durability. A seamless synthetic leather palm provides optimal dexterity. The gloves are machine washable making them longer lasting.
This glove has many uses including engine swaps, mechanical teardowns and general under the bonnet work. The Mamba Mechanics gloves are also resistant to most chemicals.

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Pro Blu Mamba Heavy Duty Glove

Manufactured from latex and at 14 mils thick it offers users the ability to work in a number of different applications.
The new Pro Blu glove offers a number of key features;
• 14 mil (0.36 mm) thick powder free latex
• 12 inch (300 mm) cuff length extra protection against chemicals.
• Textured grip for secure handling
• EZ glide donning system to pull on and off
This heavy duty extra long cuff glove is ideal for automotive technicians, bodyshop repairs and paint works. In particular, the latex material is good for use with ketones including MEK and acetone.

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White Mamba Latex Gloves

Ultra thick at 8.0 mils these gloves are ideal for working with harsher chemicals. EZ Glide Donning System.

White Mamba Latex Gloves are ideal where gloves might get wet. They perform better against Ketones and lacquer thinners making them suitable in many car body shop applications.

White Mamba Latex Gloves

Polyurethane Coated Material Handling Gloves

Lightweight and comfortable, these polyurethane coated material handling gloves are ideal for many applications. The polyurethane coating allows the product to breathe when chemical resistance is not a concern.

Ideal Uses: Light Industrial | Light Assembly | Warehousing | Small Parts Handling

EN388 Safety Mark 3131

Polyurethane Coated Gloves

Foam Nitrile Coated Material Handling Gloves

True foam nitrile channels oil away from gloves surface for better grip in light oil. Provides excellent grip in dry environments with exceptional, unmatched comfort for workers. 

Ideal Uses: Light Industrial Light Assembly | Warehousing | Small Parts Handling | Oily Parts | Handling & Assembly

EN388 Safety Mark 4121

Foam Nitrile Coated Material Handling Gloves

Cut Resistant Gloves

Made from Ultra High Molecular - Weight Polyethylene Fibre which has a tensile strength relative to its weight and is up to 15 times stronger than steel. Makes the glove lighter and allows for greater comfort and dexterity. A black polyurethane coating ensures superior grip and additional protection while at the same time allowing your hand to breathe.

Ideal Uses: Glass Handling | Handling Sharp Parts | Automotive Assembly | HVAC and Sheet Metal Applications | General Material Handling


EN388 Safety Mark 4544


Cut Resistant Gloves

Mamba Trax Shoe Covers

Designed with service industry professionals in mind, Mamba Trax have the durability to last whilst protecting your workplaces carpet or hardwood flooring. The grip-rite trax provides better footing, while the elastic seams allows for an adjustable fit up to a size 14 work boot. Made from black 40 gram spun bound Polypropylene fibre these hard wearing shoe covers are designed to last much longer than conventional plastic ones. Packaged in easy to dispense boxes of 25 pairs.

Ideal uses: for professional contractors working in construction | installation | plumbing | HVAC | pest control | other residential and commercial industries

Mamba Trax Shoe Covers
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