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Professional Motor Factor (page 27), "Fortress Distribution name its popular products"

JULY 2018

Professional Motor Factor (page 69), "The Gloves are Off" - Black Mamba Mechanics Glove Range Review

Professional Builder Magazine (page 35), BodyPartner Spine Align T-Shirt Product Review

JUNE 2018

Professional Motor Factor (page 40), "How to handle business - choosing the right gloves for the job"

MAY 2018

Food & Drink Process & Packaging, "YULEYS Reusable Shoe Covers"

Professional Motor Factor (page 66), "Fortress Distribution offers the right gloves for the job"

APRIL 2018

Health and Safety Matters, "Trio of Launches"

PHAM News, "Eyes Under Cover"

MARCH 2018

PHAM News, "Say Goodbye to Disposable Overshoes"

Tomorrow's Health & Safety (pg 42), "Fortress Distribution launches new products at Health & Safety Event"

Food & Drink Process & Packaging, "YULEYS Reusable Shoe Covers"


Health & Safety Matters, "YULEYS aid the fight against plastic waste"


Professional Motor Mechanic (page 94), "Choosing the right glove for the job"

Professional Motor Factor (page 54), "Getting to grips with gloves"


Professional Motor Factor, "Tough Gloves"


Professional Motor Factor (page 39), "Supplying the right glove for the job"

JULY 2017

Professional Motor Factor (page 72), "Tough Gloves for Tough Tasks"

PRIL 2017

Professional Motor Factor (page 25), "Glove Affair"

Professional Clothing Director-e (page 42-43), "Footwear for All Purposes"

MARCH 2017

Bike Radar, "Black Mamba Gloves - This Weeks Best New Bike Gear"

Health & Safety Matters (page 90), "Fortress Distribution Joins BSIF"

Health & Safety Matters (page 40), "Material Handling Glove"

Commercial Vehicle Workshop (page 31), "Handle with Care" (Please note gloves are 6mils & 14mils thick not 6mm & 14mm as printed)


Fortress Distribution Ltd joins The British Safety Insdustry Federation and Registered Safety Supplier Scheme. Read full press release.


Director-e (page 37), "Gloves and Hand Protection"


DROPS Cycling, "Black Mamba Gloves joins forces with DROPS Cycling"


Professional Builder, "YULEYS Reusable Overshoe Q&A feature"

Health & Safety Matters (page 28), "Making an impact"


Commercial Vehicle Workshop (page 34), "Glove Affair"

Director-e (page 11 & 51), "Fortress Distribution Steps into New Offices and Hands a New Role"


Tomorrow's Health & Safety Yearbook 2016/17 (page 58 & 59), "Fortress Distribution: Black Mamba Gloves & YULEYS reusable overshoes"


Tomorrow's Health & Safety (page 25), "Black Mamba Gloves & YULEYS reusable overshoes"

JULY 2016

Professional Motor Mechanic (page 40), "Different Gloves for Different Needs"

Health & Safety Matters (page 47), "Black Mamba Gloves & YULEYS reusable overshoes"

April 2016

Professional Motor Mechanic, "Which glove is right for you?"

PRESS RELEASE: "Fortress Distribution roar with success in the Lion's Lair with YULEYS® reusable overshoes" 

British Safety Council - Safety Management Magazine (page 44), "Glove it - Pro Blu Mamba Latex Glove"

March 2016

Health & Safety Matters (page 32), "Heavy Duty Latex Glove - Pro Blu Mamba"

Professional Motor Factor (page 28), "Black Mamba Torque Grip Glove primed and ready for retail"

January 2016

Process Engineering Control & Manufacturing, Issue 18 (page 68), "All Gloved Up", "Black Mamba Nitrile Workshop Gloves"

December 2015

Professional Builder (page 32), "Heavy Duty Impact Glove"

November 2015

Tomorrow's Contract Flooring (page 45), "Fortress Distribution Steps up the Pace - YULEYS  Overshoes"

British Safety Council - Safety Management Magazine (page 44), "Glove it - Black Mamba Impact Glove"

October 2015

Safety and Health Practitioner, "Safety Gloves"

Director-e (page 7 & 13), "All gloved up: Fortress Distribution makes an impact once again"

September 2015

Health & Safety Matters (page 10), "All Gloved Up"

British Safety Council - Safety Management Magazine (page 45), "YULEYS - Walk this way"

August 2015

Director-e (page 14 & 16), "Protection behind the clothing"

Director-e (page 17), "Black Mamba Brand Booms in the UK" & "YULEYS steps up for safety footwear protection"

Installer Magazine, "New Black Mamba Heavy Duty Impact Gloves Launched"

July 2015

Professional Motor Mechanic (page 88), "A bit of tough glove" - The new Black Mamba Torque Grip Glove

April 2015

Classic & Sports Car Magazine (page 183), "Black Mamba Torque Grip Gloves" 

Please note; pricing shown in this article is for Black Mamba Nitrile Glove and not the Black Mamba Torque Grip Glove.

March 2015

Tomorrow's CLeaning - Floorcare Supplement, "Stepping up the pace"

Aftermarket Magazine (page 52), "Get a Grip!" 

February 2015

Health & Safety Matters, "Torque Grip Glove"

December 2014

Cycling Weekly, "Black Mamba Gloves review"

Professional Builder (page 35), "Safety on Site - Black Mamba Gloves"

Professional Motor Mechanic (page 46), "Top Product Award 2014 - Black Mamba Gloves"

November 2014

Tomorrow's Health and Safety, "National Builders Merchant gripped by Black Mamba Gloves"

September 2014

Health & Safety Matters, "Reduce slips with shoe cover"

August 2014 

Retro Cars, "Big Job Gloves!"

July 2014

Professional Motor Mechanic, "Black Mamba Gloves"

Health & Safety Matters, "Tough Gloves - Black Mamba"

Health & Safety Matters, "Step with Safety - Yuleys"

Aftermarket Magazine (page 54), "Filthy hands?" (Please note gloves are 6mils thick not 6mm as printed)

June 2014

Fortress Distribution Blog, "Introducing the Nicodemus Trust"

April 2014

Repair & Refinish Review (page 31), "Re-usable overshoes"

Professional Electrician, "YULEYS Overshoe"

March 2014

Tomorrow's Health and Safety, Issue 11 (page 48), "YULEYS overshoes step into spotlight"

Professional Builder Magazine (page 35), "Fortress Distribution - Overshoes"

February 2014

The Decorator (page 40), "Tooltalk, YULEYS Protective Shoe Covers"

Health & Safety Matters, "The Health & Safety Event - Slip on shoe cover"

PEST Magazine (page 32), "Solved - an easy entry to clean environments"

January 2014

Professional Builder Magazine (page 52), "Working in winter - YULEYS protective shoe cover"

November 2013

Health & Safety Matters, "YULEYS reusable shoe cover" & "Safety Footwear"

September 2013

Registered Gas Engineer, "YULEYS Step UP"

August 2013

Safety and Health Practitioner, "Safety Footwear"

June 2013

Professional Builder Magazine, June 2013, "Work Gloves"

May 2013

Building and Facilities News, Issue 893 (page 11), "Health and Safety News feature"

April 2013

Fast Car Magazine, "Black Mamba Gloves"

Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine, "Not riding gloves, but if you work on your bike then you might want to check these out…"

February 2013

Builders' Merchants News , "Black Mamba Gloves come to the UK"

Bike Biz, "Round up of CoreBike 2013"

January 2013

Bike Biz, "Guide to CoreBike 2013 featuring 2pure showcasing Black Mamba Gloves"

Bike Biz, "Guide to the cycle workshop"

Treasure Hunting, "Black Mamba Gloves - ideal for detecting"

Safety Management (British Safety Council), Dec 2012/Jan 2013 "Glove Up"

November 2012

Safety and Health Practitioner, "Safety Gloves"

Cleaning & Maintenance, "Black Mamba gloves make UK debut"

October 2012

Pristine Oven Clean, "Black Mamba Gloves - perfect for oven cleaning"

Classic Car Mart, "Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves"

September 2012, "Black Mamba Gloves come to the UK"

Environmental Health & Safety News, "Fortress Distribution takes Black Mamba Gloves to the massess"

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