Delivering ultimate protection for workers in tough jobs .

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Black Mamba Gloves

Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear .

Guard-Dogs, Aggressive Eyewear® develops new and innovative eyewear styles, that focus on quality, strength, and durability, with a major emphasis on protection from debris in aggressive work environments and high speed activities. The range offers numerous goggle and eyewear styles and combinations that have been specifically designed to keep dust, industrial particulates, wind, insects, grit, sun and anything else that flies at you, out of your eyes. With Guard-Dogs, Aggressive Eyewear® you can be sure of eyewear that fits well, seals the eye area properly and is comfortable all day.

Guard-Dogs Aggressive Eyewear Data Sheet 


Guard-dogs Bones™ Xtreme w/Clear FogStopper™ Lens
Guard-dogs G100
Guard-dogs G100 smoke lens goggle strap
PureBreds™ Xtreme w/Smoke FogStopper™ Lens
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