Delivering ultimate protection for workers in tough jobs .

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Welcome to Fortress Distribution .


Recognising the need for forward thinking solutions to personal protection and safety workwear, Fortress Distribution has established a wholesale distribution business introducing innovative brands to meet UK and Ireland market requirements.


Our mission is to deliver ultimate protection for workers in tough jobs. We offer a flexible approach to meet your needs and requirements, delivering a reliable and responsive service.


Fortress Distribution has a close partnership with Black Mamba Gloves and Accessories and YULEYS reusable overshoes. Black Mamba has emerged as an industry leader in the US, creating hand protection for those in need of tough and reliable gloves. YULEYS has developed a unique solution for wearers of safety boots and shoes allowing them to enter clean environments without the need to remove their dirty footwear.

We are excited to bring you these industry leading products and welcome opportunities to build new partnerships to grow the Black Mamba and YULEYS presence in the UK and Ireland. Centrally located in Milton Keynes, Fortress Distribution has excellent transport links to all parts of the UK. 

Get in touch to try out our super tough Black Mamba Gloves and unique Yuleys reusable overshoes on 01908 676869.

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